Submit A Project

The Rotary Club of Elliot Lake is looking to local community groups and stakeholders to submit applications to the club for funding by our '100 Elliot Lakers Who Care!' project.


To receive direction on how to submit your application, contact us at


The club is striking a selection committee that will be approving submitted projects for consideration by the 100 donors.

The funding from this project is not intended for ongoing / operational activities. 

Our vision for successful candidate submissions are for lasting, visible, impactful projects that will be realized on a reasonably short timeline, that have solid implementation plans, and that seek to improve the community as a whole. 

Partner funding is encouraged, but the successful project will be funded with up to $10,000 after the donor voting event.

We are Hoping That at least 5 Projects Come Forward For Funding, but are not limiting the number of submissions for consideration.

The successful project candidates will be asked to pitch their project in-person to the 100 donors at the voting event.

Since the The Rotary Club of Elliot Lake is concurrently seeking projects and donors, we suggest that submitted projects include provisional plans for less than $10,000 should our donor list fall short of 100 participants. We expect to meet our goal of 100 donors, and will be in contact with project representatives to let them know how we are doing throughout the campaign before the event.

Also, due to the fact that submitted projects are not assured of funding because of the 'winner-take-all' nature of this project, we encourage project submissions to be prepared in such a manner that they are able to be re-used to apply to other funding sources should they not be chosen.