When is the voting event??

We have decided to postpone the event and will be rescheduling in the late fall of 2023.

Why Do You Need My Email, and What Are You Going To Do With It?

Effectively keeping in touch with 100 people or more  for this projects means that we will be using email.

We have taken measures to make sure that your address is safe, and we will only be sending you emails that relate to the '100 Elliot Lakers Who Care' project.

Do I Have to Pay to Submit a Project?

Nope. There  is no financial requirement to submit a project for consideration. People associated with a project are free to join the list of donors if they choose.

What If You Don't Get Any Projects?

Based on the support that we saw last year, we don't expect that to be an issue.

This year (2019), we are soliciting for candidate projects prior to engaging with our donor group. This means that we will be announcing the candidate projects before approaching donors and confirming the Voting Night Event.

I Can't Make The Voting Night Event - What Do I Do?

Not to worry - you can still play along.

We will be distributing vote-proxy forms to the donor list in advance of the voting event so that you can have a trusted friend cast your vote.

What If My Favorite Project Isn't Funded?

Well, unfortunately, not every project is going to be successful. 

We suggest that if you are moved by a particular project, that you consider donating to that project directly after you support the winner at the voting event.

What If You Don't Get 100 Donors?

We are comfortable that we will secure 100 donors given the amount of pre-launch excitement that we have been encountering. 

If we fall short as of our November 2019 timeline, we will make a decision how to proceed based on the number of donors secured and the amount of time left. 

We may decide to postpone or to move forward with the support we have - we will have to see. 

In any case, we will be in regular contact with donors and project representatives to let them know how things are going.

What If You Get More Than 100 Donors? 

Frankly, we think that this is likely, but decided to move forward with the 100 in the name because it is catchy...

We are not going to limit the number of donors if we find that we have people that want to participate. 

If we have additional donors, we plan to award the 1st place project at the voting event $10,000, and any subsequent available funding to the 2nd place project.